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I have a passion for creating

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My interests are currently focused on designing the future of integrated, energy efficient and beautiful products. In my free time, I enjoy biking, hiking and creating culinary experiences (cooking).


These range from random thoughts to articles on topics I'm interested in

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Where I've worked, what I'm working on right now, and bigger projects


Product Manager

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Cruise is the world's first self driving car company in a major city. We test and offer an internal service on San Francisco streets, allowing us to learn and iterate much faster than competitors due to the challenging driving environment. At Cruise, I lead up the strategy of Productionizing AI workflows by defining the frameworks we use to deliver the highest impact to our speed and quality of testing, at the lowest cost to the company. By working cross functionally across Software Engineering, Data Science, Analytics and other stakeholders (such as Machine Learning, Ground Truth, etc), I help our teams "fail fast" to deliver results while defining a vision of what our ideal outcomes look like.


Mechanical Engineer

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I joined Zipline as a Mechanical Engineering contractor straight after graduating from Berkeley. At Zipline, I worked primarily on the electric launcher that fired drones into the sky (from 0-60mph in about half a second) to deliver blood and medical supplies in Africa. Working at the early stage startup was a fascinating and rewarding experience, where I developed project management skills as well as numerous hard technical skills. Startups often necessitate wearing multiple hats on a daily basis, which could mean managing local vendors, designing parts for release to China, and herding cattle out of our testing and engineering site in Half Moon Bay - all in the same day. My main projects were designing the payload for a robust survey drone in development, building tools to improve deployment reliability and manufacturing, and redesigning the base of the launcher for ease of operator use.


Interconnected Devices Team - iPhone PD

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As an intern on the Interconnected Devices team within iPhone PD for 8 months, I had the unique opportunity to work on technology spanning numerous products and features, some of which are still unreleased. Primarily my role revolved around the design, analysis and testing of wireless charging across products. Working at Apple during the implementation of a new cornerstone feature was an incredibly valuable experience in honing my attention to detail, core design principles and effectively communicating ideas through presentation. Furthermore, the group provided an opportunity to learn and develop simulation and testing methods on a tight schedule.


Occupancy tracker for UC Berkeley campus libraries, cafes and gyms

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Packd started off with a simple question : What's the easiest way to count the number of people in a room? From that initial thought exercise, our team has thought and rethought solutions that rely on simplicity to provide an easy to use, intuitive solution that benefits customers as well as businesses. Developing Packd has been a rewarding experience that allows me to develop and apply skills in numerous areas, ranging from customer interaction, product design and agile development.

Cal Steel Bridge

Team Lead for Solidworks and Etcheverry Machine Shop

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Steel Bridge was the first campus organization I joined as a freshman. In my Junior and Senior years, I led a team of Mechanical Engineers that produced Solidworks parts for every member of the bridge. I also managed a team in the Etcheverry machine shop, where we produced high precision steel connections. This experience has taught me valuable team management skills, and an innovative approach to producing high quality parts in large volume, within constraints.

PCH Lime Lab

Product Design Intern

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Interning at Lime Lab was an extremely rewarding experience. By working on a diverse array of consumer electronic products, I gained exposure into emerging technology for a number of industry leaders. I learned a great deal about manufacturing methods and designing for injection molding, as well as interfaced directly with vendors to bring ideas to real life. This experience has convinced me that I am passionate about building innovative, ubiquitous and user focused products.

DSM Biomedical

Mechanical Engineering Intern

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During my time at DSM, I accomplished a number of process improvement projects over several manufacturing lines. By completing an internal LEAN manufacturing course, and applying what I learned towards a specific process, I was able to research and identify key areas for improvement. I learned a great deal from speaking to equipment operators and stakeholders, and by the end of the summer, I was able to conclusively propose a plan to significantly improve production time and reduce costs for a product, which I presented to the entire plant.


Vehicle-to-grid integration

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Over the course of a semester working on MyGreenCar, I learned a great deal about identifying a product's needs, GPS systems, and documenting testing method. Full report is viewable here

Tennis Dynamics Lab

Shock and Vibration testing

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Researched and developed shock and vibration testing methods to test industry tennis rackets. Through this testing, we were able to conclusively determine a racket's "Peak Frequency", which impacts the "smoothness" of a swing during follow-through.
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